Breed Specific Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska Map

If you know of any new bread specific legislation please send us a message so we can update the database. 

CityOrdinanceBan/Dangerous or Vicious
AlbionVerified ordinanceBans: pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers and chows | Confirmed (May 2016)
AuburnSection: 98.065Bans: pit bulls
Beaver CrossingSection: 6-117Bans: pit bulls
BeatriceSection: 5-1Pit bulls, dogo argentinos, presa canarios, cane corsos and American bulldogs declared “potentially dangerous”
BlairSection: 6-139Restricts: pit bulls, cane corsos, dogo argentinos, presa canarios and American bulldogs
BridgeportSection: 90.62Restricts: pit bulls, rottweilers and chows
CerescoNews articleBans: pit bulls
GordonNews articlePit bulls declared “dangerous”
HebronSection: 90.64Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers, chows and wolf hyrids
Loup CitySection: 90.038Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers
MindenSection: 10-39Bans: pit bulls
OmahaSection: 6Restricts: pit bulls, dogo argentinos, presa canarios, cane corsos and American bulldogs
OsceolaAnimal controlBans: pit bulls, chow chows, doberman pinschers, rottweilers, American bandogge mastiffs (bandogs) and Neopolitan mastiffs
RushvilleNews articleBans: pit bulls
SchuylerNews articleRestricts: pit bulls
South Sioux CitySection: 14-76Pit bulls declared “potentially dangerous”
Village of ArlingtonSection: 2-308Bans: pit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids and restricts rottweilers and doberman pinschers
Village of StrattonNews articleBans: pit bulls
WayneSection: 14-41Pit bulls declared “vicious”

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