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breed Specific Legislation for Missouri


List of Breed Specific Legislation in Missouri

City Ordinance Breeds Type of Ordinance Last Checked Notes
Bellefontaine NeighborsSection: 4-22Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
BerkeleySection: 205.450Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
BethanySection: 210.110Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”Could Not Verify
BloomfieldSection: 205.170Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Bonne TerreSection: 205.010Pit BullsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
Branson WestSection: 205.140Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
CaliforniaSection: 205.035Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
CamdentonSection: 210.160Pit BullsSpecial Requirements2/24/2023
Carl JunctionSection: 205.250Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
CarthageSection: 4-5.1Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
CaruthersvilleSection: 210.021Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
CenterNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
ChaffeeSection: 205.010Multiple BrredsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
CharlackSection: 205.400Pit BullsNoneRepealed: Source
CharlestonSection: 210.150Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
ChillicotheSection 205.180Pit BullsNoneRepealed: Source
ClintonSection: 5-42Pit BullsNoneRepealed: Source
ConcordiaSection: 205.065Pit bulls and RottweilersDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
Cool ValleySection: 205.230Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
Dellwood2017 ordinancePit BullsDeclared “dangerous”Could Not Verify
DexterSection: 205.080Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
EdinaOrdinance 668Pit Bulls and RottweilersBanCould Not Verify
EurekaSection: 4-1Pit BullsBanCould Not Verify
Excelsior SpringsSection: 210.440Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
FayetteSection: 205.160Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
FentonSection: 210.070Pit BullsBanCould Not Verify
FergusonSection: 6-21Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
FlorissantSection: 205:395Mandatory sterilization: pit bullsMandatory sterilizationCould Not Verify
FredericktownSection 205.080Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
GeraldSection: 205.080Pit BullsBanCould Not Verify
GladstoneSection: 2.105.010Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
HaytiNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
HazelwoodSection: 210.130Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
IndependenceSection: 3.03.006Pit BullsNone6/6/2023Repealed
JenningsSection: 6-51Pit BullsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
KanokaOnline petitionPit BullsBanCould Not Verify
Kansas CitySection: 14-60Mandatory sterilization: pit bullsMandatory sterilization2/24/2023
KearneySection: 205.195Pit BullsNoneRepealed
KirksvilleSection: 5-20Pit BullsSpecial Requirements2/24/2023
LathropSection 205.170Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
LickingSection: 10-33Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
MarshfieldNews articlePit BullsSpecial Requirements2/24/2023
MemphisSection: 210.010Pit BullsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
Merriam WoodsNews articlePit BullsSpecial Requirements2/24/2023
Moline AcresNews articlePit BullsDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Monroe CitySection: 14-20Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers and RottweilersDeclared “dangerous”Could Not Verify
Montgomery CitySection 8-14Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Mound CitySection: 205.180Multiple BrredsBanCould Not Verify
New FlorenceNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
New LondonNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
New MadridSection: 8-139Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
NormandySection: 205.120Pit Bulls and RottweilersBan2/24/2023
NorthwoodsSection: 205.070Pit Bulls and RottweilersBan2/24/2023
OronogoSection: 205.285Pit BullsNone2/24/2023
OrrickOrdinance 2177Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
PagedaleSection: 205.120Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
PalmyraSection: 205.050Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Pilot GroveUnconfirmedMultiple BrredsNoneCould Not Verify
Pine LawnSection: 210.275Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Platte CitySection: 205.280Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
PlattsburgSection: 205.090Multiple BrredsNoneRepealed: Source
Pleasant ValleySection: 205.450Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
Poplar BluffSection: 205.460Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Rock PortSection: 210.078Pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschersBan2/24/2023
SalemSection: 205.020Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
SarcoxieSection: 73.130NoneNoneRepealed: Source
SavannahSection: 205.280Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”Ban Removed. Now labeled as “dangerous” Repealed
SeymourSection: 205.040Pit BullsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
ShrewsburySection: 230.220NoneNoneRepealed: Source
SikestonSection: 205.450Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
SpartaSection: 205.010, 205.040Pit BullsBanCould Not Verify
SpringfieldSection: 18-95Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
St. JamesSection: 4-35Pit BullsSpecial Requirements2/24/2023
St. JosephSection: 5-148Pit Bulls and RottweilersImpounded required to be sterilized and microchipped before release2/24/2023
Sugar CreekSection: 6-46Pit BullsBanCould Not Verify
SullivanSection: 205.170Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”2/24/2023
TrentonSection: 210.215Pit BullsNoneRepealed: Source
TroySection: 205.065Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
University CitySection: 210.280Pit BullsSpecial RequirementsRepealed: Source
Velda CitySection: 205.185Pit Bulls and RottweilersBan2/24/2023
VeronaNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
Village of Airport DriveSection: 205.010Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Village of Country ClubSection: 205.040Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Vinita ParkSection: 205.215Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
WarsawSection: 205.037Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Weatherby LakeSection: 205.100Pit BullsBan2/24/2023
Webb CityNews articlePit BullsBanCould Not Verify
WinchesterSection: 205.010Pit BullsDeclared “vicious”2/24/2023
Woodson TerraceSection: 205.200Pit BullsBan2/24/2023

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