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Are Pit Bulls Banned In Ohio?

Currently, there are 18 cities in Ohio that ban pit bulls. There 62 cities in Ohio that have breed-specific legation regarding pit bulls. Most cities' ordinances declare pit bulls either “vicious” or “dangerous”.

What Does it Mean When an Ordinance Declares A Pit Bull Vicious?

Unfortunately, every city’s ordinance are different. Some cities might require registering the pit bull with animal control, while others might require that dogs be muzzled and on a leash no longer than 6’. It is best to check with your local city about their pit bull requirements.

List of Breed Specific Legislation in Ohio

City Ordinance Breeds Type of Ordinance Last Checked Notes
AmberleySection: 90.24Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
AshtabulaSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”2/28/2023
BarbertonSection: 618.19Pit BullsDeclared “dangerous”3/1/2023
Bedford HeightsSection: 505.21Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/2/2023
BellefontaineSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
BellvilleSection: 93.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
BexleySection: 618.16Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
Broadview HeightsSection: 618.19Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Brook ParkSection: 506.01, 506.03Pit BullMust Registered3/1/2023
BrooklynSection: 505.29Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Canal WinchesterSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
CarlisleSection: 618.01Pit bullsDeclared “dangerous”3/1/2023
ChardonSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
CheviotSection: 90.10Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Cleveland HeightsSection: 505.091Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
ColumbianaSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
ConneautSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Elmwood PlaceSection: 90.26Pit BullBans3/1/2023
ElucidSection: 505.37Pit bullsDeclared “dangerous”Could Not Verify
EnglewoodSection: 618.195Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
FairfieldSection: 505.17Pit BullBans2/28/2023
FairlawnSection: 618.19Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Fairview ParkSection: 505.17Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
GallipolisSection: 505.14Pit BullBans3/1/2023
GirardSection: 505.14Pit BullNoneRepealed
GlenwillowSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
Golf ManorOrdinance 505-148Pit BullDeclared "vicious"3/1/2023Ban was Repeald 9/16/2018: Changed to Vicious
GreenfieldSection: 505.15Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/1/2023
GreenvilleSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
Highland HeightsSection: 505.011Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
HudsonSection: 618.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
KentonSection: 618.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
LakemoreOrdinance 1542-2015Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
LimaSection: 618.08Pit BullRestricts: pit bulls2/28/2023
Lincoln HeightsSection 90.52Pit BullBans2/28/2023
LisbonSection: 505.15Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
LocklandSection: 618.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”2/28/2023
LoudonvilleSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
MariettaSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
MassillonSection: 505.16Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
Mentor-on-the-lakeSection: 618.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
MiamisburgSection: 618.15Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
Middleburg HeightsSection: 618.21Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
MiddleportSection: 505.13Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
Mingo JunctionSection: 505.15Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Moreland HillsSection: 505.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Mount GileadSection 505.14Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
NapoleonSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
New LexingtonSection: 503.04Pit BullBans3/13/2023
North OlmsteadSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
NorwoodSection: 505.15Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
OakwoodSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Olmsted FallsSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
OregonSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
ParmaSection: 618.09Pit BullBans3/13/2023
PauldingSection 90.02Pit BullBans2/28/2023
PerrysburgSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
PioneerSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
PlymouthSection: 90.28Pit BullBans3/13/2023
PolandSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
PortsmouthSection: 505.14Pit BullRestrictions3/13/2023
Put-in-BaySection: 618.01Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
RiversideSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Rome TownshipUnconfirmedPit BullBansCould Not Verify
Sheffield LakeSection: 505.18Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
ShelbySection: 618.01Pit BullBans3/13/2023
South PointOrdinance 87-6Pit BullBansCould Not Verify
SpringdaleSection: 90.15Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2023
StruthersSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
SunburySection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
SwantonSection: 90.22Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
TrotwoodSection: 505.14Pit bullsDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
UhrichsvilleSection: 507.03Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
UnionSection: 505.16Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
University HeightsSection: 618.24Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
Upper ArlingtonSection: 519.01, 519.06Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
VermilionSection: 618.01Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
Waite HillSection: 505.13Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
WarrenSection: 505.13Pit BullDeclared “vicious”3/13/2013
Warrensville HeightsSection: 505.20Pit BullBans2/28/2023
WickliffeSection: 505.14Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify
Willoughby HillsSection: 505.07Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
XeniaSection: 618.02Pit BullRestrictions3/13/2013
YoungstownSection 505.191Pit BullNoneRepealed: Source
ZanesvilleSection: 505.20Pit BullDeclared “vicious”Could Not Verify

Below is the breed specific legislation laws for the top 10 cities in Ohio.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Columbus, OH?

No, pit bulls are legal to own in Columbus, OH.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Cleveland, OH?

You can legally own a pit bull in Cleveland.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Cincinnati, OH?

Cincinnati does not have restrictions on owning a pit bull.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Toledo, OH?

Pit bulls are legal in Toldeo.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Akron, OH?

You can legally own a pit bill in Akron.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Dayton, OH?

There are no city ordinances about owning a pit bull in Dayton.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Parma, OH?

It is illegal to own a pit bull in Parma. City ordinance 618.09 bans the ownership of pit bulls.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Canton, OH?

No, pit bulls are legal to own in Canton.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Lorain, OH?

You can legally own a pit bull in Lorain.

Are Pit Bulls Banned in Hamilton, OH?

Hamilton repealed their “Vicious and Dangerous Dog” law, section 1771.13. So, yes, you can own a pit bull in Hamilton, OH

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