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Breed Specific Laws in Missouri

Missouri Map

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CityOrdinanceBan/Dangerous or ViciousNotes
Bellefontaine NeighborsSection: 4-22Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
BerkeleySection: 205.450Bans: pit bulls
BethanySection: 210.110Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
BloomfieldSection: 205.170Bans: pit bulls
Bonne TerreSection: 205.010Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Branson WestSection: 205.140Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
CaliforniaSection: 205.035Bans: pit bulls
CamdentonSection: 210.160Restricts: pit bulls
Carl JunctionSection: 205.250Bans: pit bulls
CarthageSection: 4-5.1Bans: pit bulls
CaruthersvilleSection: 210.021Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
CenterNews articleBans: pit bulls
ChaffeeSection: 205.010Pit bulls, American bulldogs (and many pit bull derivatives named in the ordinance), rottweilers, doberman pinschers and chows declared “vicious”
CharlackSection: 205.400Bans: pit bulls Repealed
CharlestonSection: 210.150Bans: pit bulls
ChillicotheSection 205.180Bans Pit Bulls
ClintonSection: 5-42Bans: pit bulls Repealed
ConcordiaSection: 205.065Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
Cool ValleySection: 205.230Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Dellwood2017 ordinancePit bulls declared “dangerous” by rebuttable presumption
DexterSection: 205.080Bans: pit bulls
EdinaOrdinance 668Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
EurekaSection: 4-1Bans: pit bullsRepealed: Source
Excelsior SpringsSection: 210.440Bans: pit bullsRepealed Source
FayetteSection: 205.160Bans: pit bulls
FentonSection: 210.070Bans: pit bulls
FergusonSection: 6-21Bans: pit bulls
FlorissantSection: 205:395Mandatory sterilization: pit bullsRepealed: Source
FredericktownNews articleBans: pit bulls 
GeraldSection: 205.080Bans: pit bulls
GladstoneSection: 2.105.010Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
HaytiNews articleBans: pit bulls
HazelwoodSection: 210.130Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
IndependenceSection: 3.03.006Bans: pit bulls
JenningsSection: 6-51Pit bulls declared “vicious”
KanokaOnline petitionBans: pit bulls
Kansas CitySection: 14-60Mandatory sterilization: pit bulls
KearneySection: 205.195Bans: pit bulls
KirksvilleSection: 5-20Restricts: pit bulls
LathropSection 205.170Bans: pit bulls
LibertySection: 4-24Bans: pit bulls  Overturned 4/2019 News Article 
LickingSection: 10-33Bans: pit bulls
MarshfieldNews articleRestricts: pit bulls
MemphisSection: 210.010Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Merriam WoodsNews articleRestricts: pit bulls
Moline AcresNews articlePit bulls declared “vicious”
Monroe CitySection: 14-20Pit bulls, doberman pinschers and rottweilers declared “dangerous”
Montgomery CitySection 8-14Bans: pit bulls
Mound CitySection: 205.180Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrids
New FlorenceNews articleBans: pit bulls
New LondonNews articleBans: pit bulls | Verified July 2017
New MadridSection: 8-139Bans: pit bulls
NormandySection: 205.130Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
NorthwoodsSection: 205.070Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
OrrickNews articleBans: pit bulls
OronogoSection: 205.285Bans: pit bulls  Repealed 11/2019
PagedaleSection: 205.120Bans: pit bulls
PalmyraSection: 205.050Bans: pit bulls
Pilot GroveUnconfirmedBans: pit bulls, chinesischer kampfhunds, chow chows, doberman pinschers and rottweilers
Pine LawnSection: 210.275Bans: pit bulls
Platte CitySection: 205.280Bans: pit bulls
PlattsburgSection: 205.090Bans: pit bulls, presa canarios and presa manorquins
Pleasant ValleySection: 205.450Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
Poplar BluffSection: 205.460Bans: pit bulls
Rock PortSection: 210.078Pit bulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers declared “dangerous”
SalemSection: 205.020Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
SarcoxieSection: 73.130Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers Repealed
SavannahSection: 205.280Ban Removed. Now labeled as “dangerousRepealed
SeymourSection: 205.040Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ShrewsburySection: 230.220Ban Lifted 01/2021 See this article
SikestonSection: 205.450Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
SpartaSection: 205.010, 205.040Bans: pit bulls
SpringfieldSection: 18-95Bans: pit bulls
St. JamesSection: 4-35Restricts: pit bulls
St. JosephSection: 5-148Impounded pit bulls and rottweilers are required to be sterilized and microchipped before release
Sugar CreekSection: 6-46Bans: pit bulls
SullivanSection: 205.170Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
TrentonSection: 210.215Bans: pit bulls Repealed
TroySection: 205.065Bans: pit bulls
University CitySection: 210.280Restricts: pit bulls Repealed
Velda CitySection: 205.185Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
VeronaNews articleBans: pit bulls
Village of Airport DriveSection: 205.010Bans: pit bulls
Village of Country ClubSection: 205.040Bans: pit bulls
Vinita ParkSection: 205.215Bans: pit bulls
WarsawSection: 205.037Bans: pit bulls
Weatherby LakeSection: 205.100Bans: pit bulls
Webb CityNews articleBans: pit bulls
WinchesterSection: 205.010Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Woodson TerraceSection: 205.200Bans: pit bulls

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