Breed Specific Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky Map

If you know of any new bread specific legislation please send us a message so we can update the database. 

CityOrdinanceBan/Dangerous or Vicious
AlexandriaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls
AuburnSection: 90.55Pit bulls declared “vicious”
AugustaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls
Bracken CountyLaw articleBans: pit bulls
ButlerOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
CovingtonSection: 90.09Pit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
Cresent SpringsSection: 90.30Pit bulls declared “vicious”
DaytonSection: 91.24Bans: pit bulls
ErlangerSection: 91.02wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
ElsmereSection: 90.10Bans: pit bulls
FalmouthOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
FlatwoodsSection: 3-30Pit bulls, rottweilers, chow chows, doberman pinschers and wolf-dog hybrids declared “potentially vicious”
FlemingsburgSection: 90.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
Fort ThomasSection: 91.37Bans: pit bulls
FranklinOrdinance 840.2-10Pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
FultonSection: 8-5Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
Horse CaveOrdinance 2008-01Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Lewis CountyNews articlePit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
Livingston CountyOrdinance 2013Restricts: pit bulls and rottweilers
LudlowSection: 95.10Bans: pit bulls
MayfieldSection: 3-5.1Pit bulls and rottweilers declared “vicious”
MaysvilleSection: 199.09Bans: pit bulls
MoreheadSection: 90.01Pit bulls declared “vicious”
NewportSection: 96.40Pit bulls declared “vicious”
ParisSection: 51.1Pit bulls “unreasonably dangerous,” multiple restrictions
Pendleton CountyOrdinance 841Restricts: pit bulls
Silver GroveSection: 90.30Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
SouthgateSection: 91.11Bans: pit bulls
Union CountyDog Warden FAQPit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
VanceburgNews articlePit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids declared “vicious”
WaltonChapter: 90.21Bans: pit bulls
WilliamstownSection: 90.21Bans: pit bulls, rottweilers, and bullmastiffs

Disclaimer. We take multiple steps to ensure the information on this site is accurate and up to date. However, since there are so many legislation bodies it is difficult to track all instances of breed specific legislation. If we are missing something or if we have an error please let us know and will get it corrected.

 Finally, information on this site is not intended to be used as legal advice. If you are facing BSL in your city, please reach out to your respect legislator or attorney.