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Breed Specific Laws in Kansas

Kansas Map

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City WebsiteView OrdinanceBreedsType of OrdinanceNotes
AbileneNews articlePit BullsLabeled Dangerous 
AlmaSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
AltamontOrdinance 591Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
AndoverSection: 2.311Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
AnthonySection: 2-214Pit BullsBan 
ArgoniaOrdinance 560Pit BullsBan 
AtticaSection: 2-123Pit BullsBan 
AuburnSection: 2-301Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
AugustaSection: 2-101Pit Bulls, Rottweilers & Tundra ShepherdsDangerous 
BellevilleSection: 6.12.010Pit Bulls & RottwielersBanRepealed: Source
Blue RapidsSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
BucklinSection: 302Pit BullsBan 
BurlingameSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
ChanuteSection: 6.04.130Pit BullsBan 
ChapmanSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
Cherokee CountyCherokee County Sheriff’s OfficePit BullsBan 
Clay CenterSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
ColbyOrdinance 1544Pit BullsCan not use public boarding or kennels 
Cottonwood FallsSection: 2-201Pit BullsBan 
CunninghamSection: 2-211Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
De SotoSection: 2-108Pit BullsBan 
DeerfieldSection: 2.301Pit BullsBan 
Dodge CityOrdinance 3382Pit BullsBan 
DouglassSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
El DoradoSection: 6.20.040Pit BullNo more then 2 dogs per house. Mandatory spade/neuter 
EllinwoodOrdinance 8704Pit BullsBan 
EllsworthSection: 6.04.360Pit BullsBan 
EurekaSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
Fort ScottSection: 6.08.130Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
Garden PlainOrdinance 612Pit BullsBan 
GirardOrdinance 1138Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers & RottweilersBan 
Goodland CitySection: 2-232Pit Bulls1 per household and Spaying/NeuteringRepealed: Source
GreensburgSection: 2.401Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
HavenOrdinance 510Pit BullsBan 
HaysSection: 5-123Pit BullsDangerous 
HesstonSection: 2-125Pit Bulls & RottweillersBan 
HiawathaSection: 2-401Pit Bulls & RottweillersBan 
HillsboroSection: 2-301Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
HolcombNews articlePit BullsBan 
Holton2016 MinutesPit BullsBan 
HopeOrdinance 414Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
HugotonSection: 2-302Pit BullsDangerous 
IndependenceSection: 10-60Pit BullsBan 
Jackson CountyNews articlePit BullsRegistration 
Jefferson CountyResolution 97-32Pit BullsBan 
Junction CitySection: 215.040Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
KingmanSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
KinsleySection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
KiowaSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
La CygneSection: 2-301Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
LiberalSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
LincolnSection: 2-403Pit BullsBan 
LindsborgSection: 8-260Pit BullsBan 
LouisburgSection: 2-302Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
LyndonOrdinance 556Pit BullsBan 
MaizeSection: 2-401Pit BullsBan 
MarionSection: 2-203Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
MarquetteSection: 2-102Pit BullsBan 
McLouthSection: 2-106Pit BullsBanReported the ban has been repealed. However we can not locate a supporting article, but we can not access their ordinance either.
MiltonvaleSection: 2-40Pit Bulls, Chow Chows & RottweilersBan 
MinneapolisSection: 2-210Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers & RottweilersBan 
MolineCity WebsitePit BullsBan 
Mound CitySection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
Mount HopeSection: 2.401Pit BullsBan 
NeodeshaSection: 6-124Pit BullsBanRepealed
New StrawnSection: 2–301Pit BullsBan 
OakleySection: 2-301Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
OttawaSection: 3-329Pit BullsBan 
OverbrookSection: 2-21Pit BullsBanRepealed
Overland ParkSection: 6.10Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
OzawkieSection: 2-110Pit BullsBan 
PaolaSection: 200.210Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
Park CityAnimal FAQPit BullsBan 
ParsonsSection: 205-11Pit BullsBan 
PhillipsburgSection: 2-302Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
PittsburgSection: 10-105Pit BullsBan 
PlainsSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
PlainvilleSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
Prairie VillageSection: 2-105Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
RossvilleSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
RussellSection: 2.210Pit BullsDangerous 
SalinaSection: 7-142Pit BullsBan 
SantanaSection: 2-202Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
Seward CountyOrdinance 2011-07Pit BullsBan 
SolomonSection: 2-116Pit BullsBan 
SterlingSection: 1(b)Pit Bulls & RottweilersBan 
Towanda2-117Pit BullsBan 
TescottUnknownPit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Presa Canarios, and Dogo ArgentinosBanThis is unconfirmed. A user emailed us about the ban but we could not find documentation
UdallSection: 2-301Pit Bulls, Tundra Sheperds & RottweilersBan 
UlyssesSection: 2-301Pit BullsBan 
WatervilleOrdinance 542Pit BullsBan 
WestwoodSection: 2-108Pit Bulls & Presa CanariosBan 
WichitaSection: 6.04, 6.08.010Pit BullsSpaying/Neuterin & Microchipping 
WilliamsburgOrdinance 395Pit BullsBan 
Wyandotte CountySection: 7-219Pit BullsBanRepealed: Source
Yates CenterOrdinance 1096Pit BullsBan 

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