Breed Specific Laws in Iowa

Iowa Map

If you know of any new bread specific legislation please send us a message so we can update the database. 

City WebsiteView OrdinanceBreedsType of OrdinanceOrdinance Adopted
AlbiaSection: 85APit BullsRestrictions 
AlgonaSection: 6.04.010Pit BullsDeclared “Vicious”1998
AsburySection: 56.01, 56.03Pit BullsBans 
AudubonSection: 55.09Pit BullsBans 
AvocaSection: 7.6, 9.44Pit BullsBans 
BedfordSection: 55.16Pit BullsDeclared “Dangerous  Animals” 
Belle PlaineSection: 4-60-2Pit BullsBans 
Benton CountySection: 37.02, 37.15Pit Bulls & Wolf-dog hybridsBans 
BrittSection: 4-1-6Pit BullsBans 
CascadeSection: 55.01Pit BullsBans 
CentervilleSection: 7.09.210Rottweiler, Pitbull, Dogo & Presa CararioBansOctober 2008
CherokeeSection: 55.17Pit Bulls, Akita, Rottweiller, Doberman, or ChowKenneling Required 
CoggonSection: 4-1-1, 4-1-7Pit BullsDeclared “Dangerous Domestic Animals” 
Columbus JunctionChapter: 57Pit BullsBansJune 1994
ConradSection: 56.06Pit Bulls & RottweilersDeclared “Vicious” 
Council BluffsSection: 4.20.122Pit BullsBans 
CrestonSection: 55.12Pit BullsDeclared “Vicious” 
Dallas CenterSection: 55.01Pit BullsDeclared “Vicious” 
DaytonSection: 4-1-7Pit BullsBans 
DenverSection: 8.04.110Pit Bulls & RottweilersBans 
Des MoinesSection: 18-41Pit bullsDeclared “High Risk” Special requirements 
DyersvilleSection: 55.12Pit BullsBan 
EarlhamSection: 57.01Pit BullsBan 
ElySection: 4-1-1, 4-1-17Pit BullsBans 
EpworthSection: 6.04.01Pit Bulls Declared “Dangerous” 
EsthervilleSection: 320-2,Pit Bulls Bans 
EvansdaleSection: 55.02Pit Bulls Declared “Dangerous” 
FertileSection: 4-1-6Pit BullsBan 
Forest CitySection: 56.01, 56.02Pit BullsBans 
FruitlandSection: 6.02aPit BullsBans 
GlenwoodSection: 54.06Pit BullsBans 
GriswoldSection: 4-1-8Pit BullsBans 
HarlanSection: 55.01Pit Bulls Declared “Vicious” 
HartleySection: 56.01,Pit BullsBans 
HawardenSection: 56.01Pit BullsDeclared “Dangerous” 
HopkintonSection: 4-1-7Bans: pit bulls
HumboldtSection: 55.01Pit bulls declared “potentially dangerous”
Lake ViewSection: 55.01, 55.17Bans: pit bulls
LaurensSection: 55.20Bans: pit bulls
LewisSection: 4-1-7Bans: pit bulls
LoganSection 55.10Bans: pit bulls
LowdenSection: 765Bans: pit bulls
MaquoketaSection: 4-1-7bBans: pit bulls
MiddletownSection: 4-1-8Bans: pit bulls
Missouri ValleySection: 57.01, 57.02Bans: pit bulls
MonticelloSection: 50.10Bans: pit bulls
MuscatineSection: 6.9.1, 6.9.2Bans: pit bulls
NewellSection: 12.02, 12.03Bans: pit bulls
OsceolaSection: 56.01, 56.02Pit bulls declared “vicious”
OttumwaSection: 7-61, 7-62Bans: pit bulls
OxfordSection: 5-4-2, 5-4-3Bans: pit bulls and doberman pinschers
Pleasant HillSection: 57.01, 57.02Pit bulls declared “vicious”
PocahontasSection: 57.02, 57.03Bans: pit bulls
PostvilleSection: 56.01, 56.02Bans: pit bulls and wolf-dog hybrids
RandolphSection: 55.09Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
 News articleBans: pit bulls
Sac CitySection: 55.11Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
Sergeant BluffSection: 56.01, 56.02Bans: pit bulls
ShelbySection: 4-1-1, 4-1-7Bans: pit bulls
SidneySection: 57.01, 57.02Bans: pit bulls
Sioux CitySection: 7.10Bans: pit bulls
Spirit LakeSection: 58.02, 58.10Pit bulls presumed “dangerous”
UteSection: 32.0302Bans: pit bulls
VintonTitle II: Chapter 86Bans: pit bulls
WalcottSection: 57.01, 57.02Bans: pit bulls
WaukonSection: 56.06Bans: pit bulls and rottweilers
WaylandSection: 56.01, 56.02Bans: pit bulls
WellmanSection: 55.14Pit bulls declared “vicious”
West UnionSection: 56.02Bans: pit bulls
WintersetSection: 3.201, 3.206Bans: pit bulls

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 Finally, information on this site is not intended to be used as legal advice. If you are facing BSL in your city, please reach out to your respect legislator or attorney.