About BSL Census

BSL Census is a user friendly database of all currently known cases of Breed Specific Legislation across the United States and Canada. We provide a one-stop portal for verification and documentation of all BSL cases brought to our attention or found through our own research. This database can be used for many reasons, but most notably for travel information, moving preparation, and research. All the information you find at BSL Census is verified, gathered and published by an all volunteer staff of researchers who work in other fields of animal advocacy.

BSL Census got its start as multiple spreadsheets held by multiple groups and individuals to keep track of BSL for their own research purposes. These lists, some incorrect or more detailed than others, were kept for personal research purposes for each group or person personal reference. Â We used these spreadsheets in our own fights against BSL and reference to give people information when they needed it for a certain municipality.

Two major organizations, Pit Bull Advocates of the United States and Stop BSL, held the two largest lists of known BSL. The founders of each group, Ronnie Van Zant and Kris Diaz respectively, brought their lists together to create the first version of the BSL Map Project (original name). It was decided that there needed to be a detailed and all encompassing, but most importantly, accurate location for anyone to access to find information that was needed about individual cases of BSL.

BSL Census has gone through several redesigns and phases. It got it’s start at Pit Bull Advocates of the United States as a way for the people most affected by BSL, bully breed owners, to prepare themselves with all the knowledge possible about certain cases of BSL so that they could either fight to repeal cases or know what municipalities to avoid with their dogs.

The BSL Map Project, as it was known in the early stages, quickly outgrew its original intent and showed a great need to be it’s own individual database apart from any other website. Thus BSL Census was created.

We strive to provide the public with the largest and most detailed BSL information database out there. The way we achieve this takes many wo/man hours and countless amounts of effort by an amazing team of researchers.

There have been many BSL lists out there, but none that is as exhaustive as this. We verify each case individually and obtain copies of the actual ordinance, as well as provide information about the municipality itself and provide that to you in an easy to navigate format.

As you can tell, this is a huge project. We are constantly going through our entire list of known cases of BSL so that we can provide you with the most up to date and detailed information. Our dream is that we can continue to remove municipalities off of this list, but until we start getting more cases repealed, we are still adding every bit of information we can find on each case so that you are fully prepared with the tools you need to provide a safe environment for you and your dog and everyone else.

Because this is such a large project and there are so many locations that do not get the same attention as others so that BSL goes unnoticed, we also rely on you to be our eyes and ears on the ground to help us keep an up to date database. You are able to contribute to this project by providing us with updated information on a particular location that we either don’t have on our list, or that needs some information updated.

This is an all volunteer staff of researchers, so if you find this project of use, please let us know so that we know our work is helping the community.

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