Natural Disaster Evacuation Safety

During natural disasters, people are always displaced. When we get displaced, we have to find a new place to live temporarily, if not permanently. During the latest natural disasters, hurricanes Harvey and Irma (and possibly several others this year), the wildfires plaguing the western US, and Midwest tornado outbreaks, a great number of people were displaced. A lot of those people had dogs, and some of those dogs are targeted breeds.

Aside from the most obvious disaster preparedness tips all over the internet, one is commonly forgotten. In the craziness of preparedness, we often forget that we have dogs that are targeted for discriminatory laws across North America. It is very important to know where you can travel safely with your dog(s). This is one of the biggest reasons we have this database. To protect people who are travelling across North America.

We urge you to check our database and compare it with your travel routes and evacuation destinations to make sure you keepo you and your dog(s) safe. Please share this with everyone so that we can reach as many victims as possible.

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*updated to reflect most recent natural disasters 9/8/2017*


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