Law Tabled - Plain Village, WI

Plain Village, WI has tabled a proposed ordinance that would ban pit bull type dogs in the city. After hearing from different people at council meetings where this proposed law was discussed, the city decided it would be best to table it for now. They want to take time to research it further before making a decision.

The Eagle Article

Information to contact Plain Village officials:

Village of Plain
1110 Leed Pkwy, Ste 120
Plain, WI  53577
Phone: (608) 546-2047
Fax: (608) 546-2007


Village President Ray Ring   rayzor53577@yahoo.com 608-588-4073
Trustee Brian Brey   brey@charter.net 608-546-2099
Trustee John Dischler   jandcdischler@charter.net 608-546-5833
Trustee Janet Kraemer   janet.kraemer@landsend.com 608-588-4369
Trustee Kevin Kraemer   kkraemer@kraemerbrothers.com 608-546-2112
Trustee Melissa Kraemer   melissa.kraemer@crossplainsbank.com 608-574-6388
Trustee Merry Lynn Riek   riek4@charter.net 608-546-5091


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